Pergaulan Bebas dan Hamil Pranikah

Farida Farida


Married by accident cases or pragnancy outside marriage boundages and free
intercourse are blur pictures of our youth generation. In addition to break religious,
social, and ethical norms, those acts also ruine their own futures. These cases happen
usually because of lack of youth abilities to screen, to select and to choose positive
relationship. In addition, this is because of their unstable emotion, lack of partens’
monitoring and less in religious knowledges. To prevent married by accident cases
and effects of free intercourse, it is advisable for every families to strengthen faith
of their family mambers, to build harmonious communication with the teenagers, to
improve diciplines in family circles, to control educatively and to direct the teenagers
in performing positive activities, and to give sex education wisely and proportionally.
Furthermore, schools and societies are expected to contribute in monitoring the
teenagers so they are not cought up in free intercourse.

Key Words: Married By Accident, Intercouse, Teenager, Religion



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