Manajemen Kurikulum di Madrasah Diniyah Nurul Ummah Kota Gede D.I. Yogyakarta

Mulyani Mudis Taruna


The problem which are the subject of current research is how to implement
curriculum management performed by Madrasah Diniyah Nurul Ummah (MDNU)
and what supporting and obstructing factors in implementing the curriculum
management. The objective of the reserach is to find out curriculum management
implmented by MDNU and to understand supporting and obstructing factors in their
implementation. Current research uses qualitative approach by using observations,
in-depth interviews and documents / literature reviews to collect data. The results
show that in general curriculum management developed by MDNU is curriculum in
a broader sense, in terms of objectives, contents, methods or learning processes and
strategies in learning evaluation system. However, in their implementation still hold
its salaf tradition which is developing holy book in group into Qiroah Kitab, Sorogan

Key words : Management, Curriculum, Madrasah Diniyah Nurul Ummah



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