Agama Khonghucu Sejarah, Ajaran, dan Keorganisasiannya di Pontianak Kalimantan Barat

Sulaiman Sulaiman


Current confucius religion research is performed at Pontianak, West Kalimantan
Province. The research shows that confucius religion characteristics which are more
traditional come from their ancestor’s tradition. The History reveals the beginning
of confucius religion invoking from traditional belief, which is Ru Jiao. The prophet
Khong Zi has finalized Ru Jiao into Confucius religion. Confucius followers belief in
one God, Prophet, and holybook, and belief in forefather. The history of confucius
religion ever experienced blur period during new regime administration. However,
their leader manage to retain their followers through religious organization.
Key words : Khonghucu, history, doctrine, organization



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