Akhlak Santri antara Teks dan Konteks

Samidi khalim


Moral books tought at Pondok Pesantren Sarang are one of foundations to maintain
salafi tradition and moral of the student at tradisional Muslim School (santri). This
research tries to reveal Tanbihu al Muta’allim book contained moral or duties which
should be fullfilled by the students in learning at Pondok Pesantren Al Anwar Sarang
Rembang. Critical discourse analyzes is used in this research of Tanbihu al Muta’allim
book. Pondok Pesantren Al Anwar as a educational organization has vision to build
a pesantren with their graduates who could understand and comprehend religious
science, have faith in and godfearing of Allah SWT, are virtuous, have a good moral.
Hence, lessons from the teachers or masyayikh coming from yellow book become their
guidance. Santri’s moral in communing with other students, ustadz (teacher) or kyai
(religious leader) and also to the community could be understood from those resources,
such as Tanbuhu al Muta’allim book.

Key Words: Morals, Santri, Book ( Kitab )

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18784/analisa.v16i1.57


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