Kepemimpinan dalam Agama Hindu Studi Naskah Lontar Nitipraya

Aris Hidayat


In Bali, it has been a long tradition to write on such palm leaves. Several of those
manuscripts contained leadership stories. This reseach utilized content analyzes
approach and Roland Barthe's semiotics post structural method. Leadership thoughts
in Nytipraya manuscript called siksakarya described through the nature and behaviors
of crow and rooster. This manuscript is full of very good moral lessons for leaders. In
additional to moral lessons contained in siksakarya, there is also Pancaksara lesson.
This thought guided someone in order to free from dissasters and suffers coming from
all directions. To achieve this goals, someone has to follow self-approach stages to the
God (Sang Hyang Widhi) including tapa, brata, yoga and meditation stages. All are
directed to basic human goals as in Hinduism concepts of dharma, artha, kama and

Key Words: Palmyra Palm, Leadership, Siksakarya, Pancaksara



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