Ajaran Syaikh Khusaeri Hikmatullah “Si Wali Kutub” Tentang PuasaDi Kota Jawa Tengah

A.M Wibowo


Sect Khusaeri Hikmatullah is one of sect that use Islam as their symbol.
He claims his self as “walikutub” (leader of wali). There is different in this
sect with Islam that publicy known. The difference is in Ramadhan determi-
nation. In determining compulsory fasting for its follower this sect utilizes
calendar syamsiah (Masehi) not qamariah as as conducted by muslim in
This is qualitative research by using case study approach. Data Source in
this research this is famili’s Khusaeri in Pekalongan city, followers, religious
fgure especially chief of branch NU of Kelurahan Duwet, and society around
Kelurahan Duwet. This study used interview and information documenter.
Qualitative descriptive analysis fnding of this research depicts that to de-
termine the compulsory fasting every year this sect decided june 1 st as the
frst day for compulsory fasting and july 1 st as idul ftri (lebaran day) each

Key Words : Sect, Fasting, Ramadhan, June, July, Idul Fitri

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18784/analisa.v16i2.49


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