Watak Manusia Dalam Naskah Geguritan Joharsa

Mukhtaruddin Mukhtaruddin


The study of Balinese manuscripts Classical Islamic religious nuance
is done using philological approach and method of content analysis based
on the framework of semio tic analysis of Roland Barthes post-structural.
Stages of this research include the transfer of language or transliteration
of the manuscript into Indonesian. After that, then the manuscript was
translated into Indonesian. Indonesian-language translation is being
analyzed. Geguritan Joharsa analyzed in this report only 4 Canto, namely
Canto 19 to Canto 22. Geguritan Joharsa Canto 19 to Canto 22 describes the
character of each actor in this geguritan. Those cantos describe good human
nature and human nature is not good.
Human nature is well refected by Joharsa, Narawulan and Nahoda
as perpetrators. Joharsa has noble character exemplary human beings.
Character is very important in family life and in public life. Character in
accordance with Joharsa is Narawulan. She has devoted to her husband’s
character. She faced a diffcult life very hard, but she remained faithful to her
husband until met. Nahoda character is like to distance them from the world
and like to help with no strings attached. Which is not good character played
by King Lokantara. King has a character Lokantara arrogant and angry.

Key Words: Geguritan Joharsa, Human Character

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18784/analisa.v16i2.47


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