Mulyani Mudis Taruna


This research was done at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri I in Pontianak,
the capital of Western Borneo. The focus of the research was the imple­
mentation of Education Unit Level Curriculum (KTSP) at Madrasah
Aliyah Negeri I Pontianak which was seen from the aspects of the imple­
mentation of KTSP itself, of the management, of the administration of
the management, of developmental method, of learning facilities, and of
the evaluation of learning system. In addition, this research also exam­
ined how learners' perceptions of the implementation of KTSP were.

From the result of the research showed that the implementation of
KTSP at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri I Pontianak could run well in accor­
dance with learning procedure, namely operationally the curriculum
had been composed by the education unit itself with various kinds of
dynamism although it did not free from the standard of content which
was composed by BSNP (National Education Standard Agency). Simi­
larly, learners' perceptions showed that they understood enough and
were able to follow the learning process with KTSP as the new curricu­
lum after the application of KBK (Competency Based-Curriculum).

However, on another side, there were several disadvantages which
needed improvement such as human resources factor, namely teachers
who had experience in local level but lacked insight into communica­
tion in national level, frequent occurrences of technical obstacles in the
implementation, insufficient facilities for the learning process such as
incomplete multimedia and the existing learning media if they were con­
nected to the ratio of learners, a high shortage of teachers' handbooks
so that on average teachers only mentioned 2 reference books namely I
package book and I book published by Toha Putra Semarang and prac­
tically the supervision of education has not yet been done by counselors
from Regional Office of Ministry of Religious Affairs of Pontianak.



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