DEMOKRASI DI INDONESIA Antara Pembatasan dan Kebebasan Beragama

Abu Hafsin


Democracy has been understood differently. Law no.1/PNPS/1965 which
is previously recognized as protection of religious followers is recognized as
limitation that denied principle of democracy recently. The polemic of religious
freedom ended with proposal of judicial review on law no.1/PNPS/1965 proposed

by some group of societies. This proposal, finally, is rejected by prime
court. This rejection can be corrected since UUD 1945 follows an expressive
relativism on religious freedom. Because of the existence of ambiguous words
in such law, revision is really needed so that there will be a clear explanation
related to who has the authority to determine whether certain religious teaching
is wrong or not. It is important to solve the problematic matters faced by government and certain religious groups.

Keywords : demokrasi, relativisme


demokrasi, relativisme

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