Journal History

Analisa Journal was firstly published in March 1996 with a name “Analisa Jurnal Pengkajian Masalah Sosial dan Keagamaan”. Initially it published six articles consisting of 5 article based on research and one article of critical review; All articles were issued in Indonesian language. This journal was registered at Pusat Dokumentasi Ilmiah Indonesia Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (Center for academic documentation, Indonesian Institute of Science / PDII LIPI) and gained an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 1410-4350. Along with some developments in terms of its contents, the diversity of authors both from internal and external institutions, the quality of journal cover, and the appearance of the journal, Analisa has been accredited by Indonesian Institute of Science in 2012 as stated in the decree: Surat Keputusan Kepala LIPI Nomor 501/I/Akred/P2MI-LIPI/08/2012. This accreditation has last for one year. Then in 2013 Analisa journal gained further accreditation from the same institution which is last for three years.


Furthermore, from 2015 onward Analisa has been published both printed and online version, at the same time Analisa has been managed using online journal system (OJS) with an E-ISSN 2443-3853. This online system gives opportunity to wider community to submit their articles and to read our published articles freely through the journal website. Since 2015, Analisa has become Crossref member; therefore all articles published by Analisa will have unique DOI number. In addition, the online version of Analisa Journal has been indexed and displayed by various institutions around the world since then. In 2015 the title of the journal was changed to be “Analisa Journal of Social Science and Religion”. This alteration is part of the preparation of the journal to be an International journal which will be fully published in English. Moreover, in 2016 the Analisa Journal was published in English and the numbering of the volume is started with a new number namely; Vol.01.No.01.2016. In this year, Analisa Journal of Social Science and Religion received further accreditation from Indonesian Institute of Science (SK Kepala LIPI Number 1221/E/2016/P2MI-LIPI/08/2016) which will last for five years.